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Assassins Creed 3 The Tyranny Of King Washington The Infamy Tournament Cheats wynhibe




Chapter Five The Dark Specter The soldiers were marching in lockstep like prisoners on the way to a hanging. They passed cemeteries and mausoleums that marked the names of those who had died in the past year. The week before, the king’s wife, Queen , had visited the tombs of the fallen, and now was believed to be involved in the death of the king’s only son, Prince . The army continued on, led by the cursed king, and the men of Israel followed them to the holy city of Jerusalem. A group of peaceful pilgrims, including Princess , quietly made their way to Jerusalem to pray for the day when the prophet Elijah would return to judge the unrighteous. The army quickly made its way into Jerusalem. On their arrival, they were met by a small group of ladies who introduced themselves as his royal helpers. The army took up their position in front of the new king’s palace. When the king and his wives and the royal family emerged, the soldiers did not pay them any special notice. The mother and sister of the fallen prince were escorted by the king’s guards, as were Princess  and the young princes. None of the royal family would be allowed to enter the newly constructed palace, but the young princes were allowed to see the King, as he slept. A few of the royal helpers, who were near the queen, became suspicious of the prince’s mother and sister, thinking they might try to sneak in and kill the king. Princess  entered the room first, and the king became restless, turning his head toward her. When he awoke, he looked at her with sorrow and disbelief. Princess  was angry with the king. Her mother and sister had become suspicious of the king, thinking that he was somehow involved in the prince’s death. Since the king had been alone, the wife of the king (the queen) could not accuse him of any wrong doing. The next day, the king and his family and many of the soldiers set out on a journey to the tombs of their ancestors. They planned to leave as soon as the sun set. Princess  was worried and wanted to see her mother and sister. The queen tried to make the king understand that Princess  needed to see her mother and sister. The king felt that he could not leave Princess  behind, so he allowed her to go. Princess  rode





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Assassins Creed 3 The Tyranny Of King Washington The Infamy Tournament Cheats wynhibe

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